Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SU Tech survey for Spring 2011

We completed our spring student IT survey a few weeks ago. Some interesting results can been seen. The technology bar keeps rising for SU and other universities. I will elaborate on these results, but want to get some of the latest data our there. SU had about 8,400 students this spring and 655 completed the survey. This number of responses was collected from one email request.

- Most students rate themselves as Mainstream Adopter(53%), Early Adopter(28%) or Innovators (5%)

- Only 19.1% of students own desktop PCs

- 97% own laptops

- 6.8% own tablets

- 9.3% own eReaders

- Almost 48% of students own Smart Phones. Up from 5% in 2009.

- 78.6% of students prefer to be contacted by SU email

- 90% of students check their campus email daily and another 20% check it every 2- 3 days

- 92.2% own a digital media player

- 87% use campus computer labs 1-3 times a week

- 85% consider SU technology to equal to or better than other campuses

As expected we are seeing very rapid growth in Smart phone ownership. We are also noting that student own multiple devices now while a few years ago they just owned a desktop or laptop. Computer labs are still very important places for students and they want more university provided computers, rather than less. Lastly, email is still the preferred method of communicating with students and they check it almost daily, despite what most faculty and administrators think.

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