Friday, January 28, 2011

The 21st Century Campus

About a year ago some colleagues and I did a short video for CDWG on teaching technologies. It focused on institutional strategy, infrastructure, and faculty support. All of these are key to providing digital content relating to instruction. I choose these words carefully because we are seeing that the content may be an entire class or supportive content to a traditional class. It may be live video, recorded audio/video, web content or some other digital media. We most often see faculty looking to enrich their class during face to face instruction or using the learning management system outside of class.

Our campus philosophy has been to support faculty and students with instructional design assistance and a well maintained and supported classroom infrastructure. SU does not push this adoption from the top. The decision to use technology, or which technologies to use, rests with the faculty. We are seeing that faculty are embracing technology and more freely coming to IT or the Office of Instructional Design and Delivery for assistance. As technologies evolve the breadth of tools and related support grows, but we believe classes are richer for the effort.

Check out the short video for more information:

The 21st Century Campus

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