Thursday, October 21, 2010

SU technology survey results for spring 2010

We do a student technology survey each spring to determine which technologies student are using and how they are using them. The results are based on over 800 responses. Here are some highlights.

•Students are feeling pretty confident with their personal technology skills. Less than 7% feel that they are weak in this area.

•97% have high speed Internet access in their residence. This includes on and off campus students.

•99.4% own cell phones and of these 25% are smart phones (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.). The percentage of SMART phones has doubled in a year. They are using the phones for much more than making calls. Over 99% use text messaging.

•99.6% of students own a computer. Of these 88% are laptops. We have seen the number of Mac laptops double in the past three years

•91% own a portable music/audio device

•About 48% admit to regularly or occasionally downloading music illegally. This is strongly discouraged and the campus is working with the RIAA to educate students in this regard.

•76% say that SU email is the best way to contact them, while only .4% prefer paper mail. Just over 61% identify SU email as their primary email account.

•86% use SU computer labs to do homework or school related assignments every week.

•93% use MyClasses in at least one class (campus web based learning system)

•About 30% used “Clicker” student response devices in class.

•Less than 10% are dissatisfied with technology on campus.

•Although are just moving students to the “Cloud” email system with email for life and few have very much information on the project. Over 52% like the idea of having and SU email account for life.

•92% use FaceBook.

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