Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring 2010 Tech Survey - Freshmen

This post is so fresh, it's not even off the presses. We started our annual technology survey last night. The web based survey asks students to tell us what they use and want in terms of campus technology. This helps with planning and managing services. The survey was opened at 5PM last night over 450 students have responded by 11AM this morning. About 100 are current freshmen. Here is what we have learned about this years freshmen so far:

-Virtually all have computers. Over 91% of these are laptops.
-The most often purchased laptops are Dell (35%), HP (24%), and Mac (18.4%)
-Over 99% of the freshmen have cell phones and 22% of these are Smart phones
-So far 100% of freshmen have access to high speed Internet in their residence
-We asked about TVs: 64% have flat screen digital TVs and most others have tube TVs
-Over 97% own a digital music player. Three quarters of these are iPods.

I always tell students and parents not to buy a computer with much software. We have great(!!) prices on Microsoft and Adobe products. Stayed tuned for more results.

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