Friday, March 21, 2008

FreshmanTech gets started

FreshmanTech is a new blog designed to provide college freshmen and/or their parents with information regarding technologies in use on college campuses. Things are changing so fast that new students often don't know what they will need, in term of technology, as they head off for college. This blog will provide info and answer questions that you might have in this area. Colleges have been ramping up technology for both academic and entertainment purposes for the past several years. The web, laoptop purchasing programs, wireless networking, learning management systems, web based student information, portals, music services, and text message emergency notification systems are just a few of things that were not even thought about ten years ago.

I have been involved in higher education technology for 20+ years and have been a Chief Technology Officer at a state university for the past eleven years. What are your questions regarding technology in the college/university environment?

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